I am trying to use MacVim's :terminal to execute some commands, but for some reasons I fail to make even the simplest functions work.

Here are some examples:

    :function TryF()
    :   execute 'terminal ++rows=10 print "Hello"'

gives me as output "executing job failed: No such file or directory".

    :function TryF()
    :   execute 'terminal ++rows=10 cd %:h && ls'

gives me no output at all, while if I reverse:

    :function TryF()
    :   execute 'terminal ++rows=10 ls && cd %:h'

I get a weird bunch of errors. I am using a macbook air. Any clues what might be going wrong?

BTW: If I pass only the command 'ls' to terminal I do not get any error.. I execute the functions from vim with :call TryF().

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You need to pass :term the ++shell option.

From :help :term:

++shell: Instead of executing {command} directly, use a shell, like with :!command.

This should work:

function! TryF()
    terminal ++rows=10 ++shell cd %:h && ls
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    Great! That does the trick, and it educated me on the difference between shell and terminal :)
    – Kore-N
    Dec 23, 2020 at 17:08

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