I have lots of files named by file.tags, ncl.tags, flod.tags, ... , fortran.tags. when opening file.tags, I want to set tags=file.tags.And when opening ncl.tags, I want to set tags=ncl.tags,and so on.

I put the following in my .vimrc, it doesn't work.

let g:current_file=expand("%:t")
au Bufread,BufNewfile tags set filetype=tags tags=g:current_file

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The g:current_file is evaluated in your ~/.vimrc at startup, i.e. before any file has been loaded. You need to do the evaluation inside the :autocmd; either with :execute, but for options, it's more elegant to use :let &optionname = ... instead:

au Bufread,BufNewfile *tags setlocal filetype=tags | let &tags = expand("%:t")

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