I have to do </^< a whole lot. So I created a macro: let @w = '</^<Enter' (where Enter is entered via Ctrl+V M).

But when I run it with @w it shifts the cursor down one line - which is NO GOOD because I frequently want to do . a few times. So I modified the macro to be let @w = '</^<Enterk'

But now it shifts the cursor UP one line! Seems you cannot win! How the heck do you do this and keep the cursor on the same line?


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Try this:

call setreg('w', "</^<\r", 'c')

This issue is explained at :h :let-@:

If the result of {expr1} ends in a <CR> or <NL>, the register will be linewise, otherwise it will be set to characterwise.

:let sets a register ending with CR to linewise; and in a linewise register, a line must always end with C-j (at least on linux).

For more info, see my notes.


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