I am playing around with conceal options in latex, and I would appreciate some help. I am using neovim os OS X if that makes a difference. I have the following settings in my config file

Plug 'lervag/vimtex'

let g:tex_flavor='latex'
hi Conceal ctermfg=Blue

(full config here in case it's necessary)

But this is completely ignored, and when I open vim in a math file the following happens, what is happening

I tried adding "hi clear Conceal" to the config file, but this gets ignored as well. I should add that both commands work when I call them from vim (i.e. :hi clear Conceal, :hi Conceal ctermfg:Blue).

Many thanks for your help in advance!


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I suspect the Conceal highlighting is overriden by your colorscheme os something like that. You will see where it is defined with :verbose highlight Conceal, which should show an output similar to this:

:verbose hi Conceal
Conceal        xxx ctermfg=4 guifg=#268bd2
        Last set from ~/.vim/colors/my_colorscheme.vim line 1234

I suggest you read this writeup by romainl to learn how to properly override highlighting outside of a colorscheme script.

By the way, from version 2.0 of Vimtex, you don't need to specify g:tex_favor, unless you explicitly want to set it to context or plaintex.

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    Thanks, this did the trick. Apparently indentLine was overriding my colour setting (and not my colorscheme weirdly), since I don't use it anyway I just removed it and everything works now.
    – Me.
    Dec 10, 2020 at 11:54

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