1,100fo can fold lines from beginning to 100th line in ex mode,i can unfold the lines in normal mode with zo and just click enter to expand it in insert mode,now how can unfold it in ex mode?1,100nofo and 1,100unfo can't work.

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You can use the :foldopen command to open all folds in a range. You can also shorten it to :foldo. So, in your case, :1,100foldo would do.

Note that what this does is open the folds, which is not really the inverse operation to creating the folds (which is what :fold does.) The inverse operation would be to delete the folds (which you can do with zd or perhaps zD.) There is no command to delete folds directly from Ex, you would have to use something like :normal! zd to call the corresponding Normal mode command.

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