vimwiki tables are auto-formattable.
This is very convenient but I'm in trouble when I'm trying to make this kind of table.

|       | Composites             | 
| `xy`  | `x` followed by `y`    |
| `x|y` | `x' or `y` (prefer `x`)|

As you see, this table has delimiter character | in a cell.
So when I'm trying to edit this table, it turns into as below automatically.

|      | Composites          |                         |
| `xy` | `x` followed by `y` |                         |
| `x   | y`                  | `x` or `y` (prefer `x`) |

I can bypass this problem by replacing | character with similar symbol character.
But I'm curious if there is another solution for this problem.


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Quick google search using vimwiki pipe character in table and first result is a report in the VimWiki issue list: https://github.com/vimwiki/vimwiki/issues/281

There we find:

There is currently no way to make the table formatting code ignore certain pipe characters. A quick and dirty "solution" is to write a vertical bar instead of a pipe (you get it in Vim by typing Ctrl+k v v). But yes, there should be a way.

That vertical bar, which looks like this , is a decent substitute for |, if you ask me.


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