Vimwiki table default mappings include <tab> for moving to the next table column in insert mode. Also UltiSnips default mappings include <tab> for expanding snippets in insert mode. Here is the result for :verbose imap <tab>

i  <Tab>       *@vimwiki#tbl#kbd_tab()
        Last set from ~/.vim/plugged/vimwiki/ftplugin/vimwiki.vim line 543
i  <Tab>       * <C-R>=UltiSnips#ExpandSnippet()<CR>
        Last set from ~/.vim/plugged/ultisnips/autoload/UltiSnips/map_keys.vim line 61

When I intend to use a snippet inside a vimwiki table, <tab> doesn't work - it just follows the vimwiki mapping and takes cursor to the next column. I would like to have <tab> work for both, i.e., if Ultisnips is not triggering results then use Vimwiki, otherwise use UltiSnips. I had mentioned this issue at vimwiki repo on github and was suggested to use a conditional.

I don't really know how to add conditionals for two different plugin mappings, hence asking for help. How do I achieve this?

P.S. There are a few "solutions" to this problem, for instance, as suggested here, one can add

let g:vimwiki_table_mappins = 0

to their .vimrc and then use a different mapping for vimwiki#tbl#kbd_tab(). There are other solutions in that thread as well.

But the reason I am wanting to have conditionals is that it let's me keep same old mappings and also according to vimwiki helpfile, g:vimwiki_table_mappings option will be fully removed at a later point. Then the above wouldn't work. It also seems like a general problem to me to have the same keybinding for different plugin mappings using conditionals.

I would thankful for any help on this, even for a sketch of how to do it.

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