I want to select some characters on a line, then be able to move them by one character forward/backward (i.e to the right/left) as many times as desired whilst retaining the selection as it moves.

Kind of like this:

enter image description here

Is there way already to do this that's built in ? Else, How could one implement this ?


Plugin MvVis offers such feature.

It works on principle:

  • Let @ be the position of cursor:
func()int a
      ^^^^^ (@ is at the last ^)
  • If you now press d (or x) whole selection will be cut and cursor moved one place to left*:
  • Now you can paste it before cursor with P:
func(int a)
  • So the keys will be: dP

* If the selection was followed by something, then you need to press h to move to the left

func()int a foo
      ^^^^^ (@ is at the last ^)

func() foo

func() foo

In such case: dhP

  • @Akharrou There it is, MvVis should do the trick Nov 24 '20 at 19:30

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