Look at Line 37 and Line 45, Line 45 has been folded so that $...$ does not show. But I do not want this feature. Is there any way to stop it? (I have not installed vimtex)

Also I do not want the rich text symbols:



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Check :h latex-syntax, specifically :h tex-conceal

 Tex: Taking Advantage of Conceal Mode~

If you have |'conceallevel'| set to 2 and if your encoding is utf-8, then a
number of character sequences can be translated into appropriate utf-8 glyphs,
including various accented characters, Greek characters in MathZones, and
superscripts and subscripts in MathZones.  Not all characters can be made into
superscripts or subscripts; the constraint is due to what utf-8 supports.
In fact, only a few characters are supported as subscripts.

Make sure you have conceallevel equal to 0, if not, check where it is redefined with verbose set conceallevel? and do appropriate change to your config.

  • Thanks, I added:let g:tex_conceal=""
    – 1900011604
    Nov 14, 2020 at 12:36

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