For a while I've been trying now to get python debugging under windows to work with a precompiled GVim to work (with dynamical python2/python3 support):

MS-Windows 32 Bit GUI Version mit OLE-Unterstützung
Übersetzt von mool@tororo
Riesige Version mit GUI. Ein- (+) oder ausschließlich (-) der Eigenschaften:
+autochdir          +clipboard          +dialog_con_gui     -farsi              +job                +lua/dyn            +num64              +python/dyn         +spell              +terminal           +vertsplit          +writebackup        
+autoservername     +cmdline_compl      +diff               +file_in_path       +jumplist           +menu               +ole                +python3/dyn        +startuptime        -termresponse       +virtualedit        -xfontset

Until now, I've tried vdebug and vimspector vimspector.

But I have not managed to get one of this working (under windows) when trying to debug a python27 project (I need to use a dedicated python 2.7 interpreter, which is part of the project, not the builtin one, and not an installed with a windows installer, but rather checked out/copied from a repository). Does anybody know if it's possible to do debugging with the given requirements (precompiled vim, windows, python27 Interpreter from the project which is not installed using an installer)?

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If using vimspector, you can set the python launch argument to point to the python interpreter that debugpy uses to debug your application.

It's even in the example https://github.com/puremourning/vimspector#python

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