I use VIM 7.4. When I want to search some text in my project, i use following command:

:vimgrep /pattern/j *.c *.h

Then I use :cw command to open quickfix list for getting search results.

Here is my problem. Sometimes quickfix displays something like:

main.c|71 col 5| u8 pattern = 0;

It's okay. But sometimes it displays full path:

Users\user\dir1\dir2\etc\etc\etc\project\main.c|71 col 5| u8 pattern = 0;

And it becomes impossible to use quickfix comfortably because file path "ate" the whole horizontal space.

What can I do to get rid of full paths in quickfix list? What alternatives could you recommend for "in-project" search?

Thank you.


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You can write a custom quickfixtextfunc to customize the results.
See :help quickfix-window-function for more details. Using the answer to this more involved customization as a guide, you can do the following to set the results to just the text strings:

set quickfixtextfunc=QFTextOnly

func QFTextOnly(info) 
    if a:info.quickfix
        let qfl = getqflist(#{id: a:info.id, items: 0}).items
        let qfl = getloclist(a:info.winid, #{id: a:info.id, items: 0}).items
    let l = []
    for idx in range(a:info.start_idx - 1, a:info.end_idx - 1)
        call add(l, substitute(qfl[idx].text, '^\s*','',''))
    return l

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