I'm trying to setup Vim to use ctags to autocomplete struct members when I press C-x C-o, but I get Pattern not found error. I tried both with . and ->. Vim can find tags file because I can jump to definiton using C-].

In my vimrc file I have enabled omnifunc

filetype plugin on

And when I query for omnifunc in my code I get


I'm aware of OmniCppComplete plugin, but I dont program in C++, I just need this bacis functionality for C.

This is how I generate tags file.

ctags -R --fields=+iaS --c++-kinds=+p --extra=+q --exclude=Library/* --exclude=.git/* --exclude=Plugins/* -h [\".c.cpp.h.cs\"]

I copied some of the extra settings from above mentioned plugin.

This is the sample code I use to test:

struct Test
    int member;
} Test;

struct Test test;
test.me // pattern not found

struct Test *test2 = &test;
test2->me // pattern not found

I don't know if I'm missing something obivous, but Vim's help docs for ft-c-omni states this should work out of the box.

When using CTRL-X CTRL-O after something that has "." or "->" Vim will attempt to recognize the type of the variable and figure out what members it has. This means only members valid for the variable will be listed.

When a member name already was complete, CTRL-X CTRL-O will add a "." or "->" for composite types.

Thanks, Vjekoslav

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