Each row is:

Or(a=a[0], b=b[0], out=out[0]);
Or(a=a[0], b=b[0], out=out[0]);
Or(a=a[0], b=b[0], out=out[0]);

and I need:

Or(a=a[0], b=b[0], out=out[0]);
Or(a=a[1], b=b[1], out=out[1]);
Or(a=a[2], b=b[2], out=out[2]);

I tried this solution as:

:let t=[]  # then ctrl-v

But this increments each subsequent number, not per row. I couldn't find/understand other solutions.

Thank you!


Do you mind some Awk?

:%!awk 'gsub(/[0-9]+/,i+0){i++}1'

This means:

  • gsub(/[0-9]+/,i+0) If there is any number in the line, substitute it by i+0.
  • {i++} If a substitution occurred in this line, increment i.
  • 1 is a short for "print the resulting line".

In case you are wondering, i+0 forces the conversion of i to integer in the case i is unset (case which happens in the first line).

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