I was trying to make a mapping to run a command that takes a count, something like the following:

nnoremap gb :execute('buffer ' . v:count)<CR>

When I run the mapping, I see the following error:

E481, No range allowed

After checking this post, I find it is because vim will insert a range automatically if we press a number before pressing colon : to enter command line.

Is there documentation on this behavior? Can I disable it by default?

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I’m not sure about documentation, but this can be useful to say 5:normal! Somecommands, or some such (I don’t use it often, but I can imagine a situation in which it’s easier than typing the corresponding range myself).

As for disabling it, use the old visual-mapping trick:

nnoremap gb :<C-u>...
  • I am still learning to write vim script. The vim error in this case is hard to figure out, IMO. The Ctrl-U trick is neat and solves the problem.
    – jdhao
    Commented Oct 16, 2020 at 13:42

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