I want to create a custom function that:

  • Take 1 argument
  • Search for a word
  • On that line do a movement like f@
  • change till " (ct") with the argument I provided


Library "sharedLibrary@xyz"

command zyv should produce

Library "sharedLibrary@zyv"


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If you're comfortable with ex-commands, you can use something like this in your function

function MyFn(replacement) abort

We search for word, then substitute everything between @ and the first " (hence non-greedy matching with \{-}) with the argument a:replacement.

With functions/:normal!, it would be something like

call search('word')
execute printf('normal! f@ct"%s', a:replacement)

Which I think is a bit harder to read.

Another alternative would be to use a macro: I won't save/restore it, but that's not hard to add.

let @q = '/word<C-v><CR>f@ct"'.a:replacement.'<C-v><esc>'

But I don't know of a good way to avoid embedding the control characters literally (you have to type Ctrl-V and the corresponding key (enter, escape) inside the string).

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    Nice it works and then I did this mapping: :nnoremap <buffer> <leader> can :call MyFn(input('Param: '))<CR>
    – Kerby82
    Oct 14, 2020 at 19:13

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