So based on the keystrokes I enter I want to copy the full file templates into the new file and begin editing them. This is my vimscript and I have tried a couple of different ways, from using :r :e into my function but that did not seem to load the file. I've outlined some of my attempts below and I even tried making a vim/templates folder and using it for all .md files but that didn't seem to work. I am on OsX Catilina.

Is there a way to open a file copy as a buffer like this? I'm ok writing the buffer to disk too.

function NewzZettel(arg)
      let new = g:zettelkasten . strftime("%Y%m%d%H%M") . "-" arg ".md"
       let template = g:zettlekasten . "zettel.md"
       let data = readfile(template)
       if writefile(data, new)
             echomsg 'write error'
       "Attempt 2
       if has("autocmd")
                       augroup templates
                               autocmd BufNewFile *.md 0r template
                              echo BugNewFile
                       augroup END
       " Attempt 3
         augroup templates           au!
                 " read in template files
                 autocmd BufNewFile *.* silent! execute '0r $HOME/vim/templates/note.'.expand("<afile>:e")
         augroup END
         au BufNewFile *.md 0r ~/Users/User/Nextcloud/Notes/mynotes/note_template.md


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