I typically work with a text editor combined with a REPL terminal, and I send text from the editor to the terminal. For example, I use two side-by-side buffers, one for editing text, and one with a terminal buffer running either R or python.

Sometimes when I am editing text in the editor buffer, I would like to see the autocomplete options that my terminal would suggest if I were typing the text the terminal buffer. I havent been able to find a plugin or method to do this, but it seems like it should be possible. Is there any way I can map autocompletion in a text buffer in insert mode to show what the terminal would show if the text were written there?

To be clear, I am not just looking for completion suggestions of text that is already in the terminal buffer (CTRL-N already does that). Rather I am looking for the text that the terminal suggests, based on the objects and function arguments that the terminal already "knows" about.

I believe the way to do this would be to take my current line of text in the editor, paste it in the terminal, get the tab-completion options that the terminal suggests, and show those over my cursor in the editor buffer.

Are there any packages that do this, or something like this? Or, how could I go about building something that does this in vimscript?


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