How to invoke Linux shell env variable into vimrc ?

I split vimrc configurations into multiple files and included these files in vimrc via :runtime [file]. This works well.

:runtime vimrc.d/vimrc.pathogen           " pick one and comment others
":runtime vimrc.d/vimrc.vim-plug
":runtime vimrc.d/vimrc.vundle

After that, I want to define a variable in vimrc to specify which vimrc.x can be used.

A single or double quotation needed here for a vimrc variable

let vimrc_plugin_manager=pathogen      " It shows Undefined variable: aaa
let vimrc_plugin_manager="pathogen"    " both '' and "" here works find

The following doesn't work.

let vimrc_plugin_manager='pathogen'
:runtime vimrc.d/vimrc.&{vimrc_plugin_manager}    " This doesn't work

And finally, I want to move the variable from vimrc to shell ENV, and want it to be invoked in vimrc.


export VIMRC_PLUGIN_MANAGER=pathogen


let vimrc_plugin_manager=&VIMRC_PLUGIN_MANAGER   " invoke shell env var to vimrc; seems not work
:runtime vimrc.d/vimrc.&{vimrc_plugin_manager}   " This doesn't work

How can it work? I have searched a lot and havent' find solution yet.


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If you wrap your :runtime in an :exec you should be able to use your Vim variable.

let vimrc_customization='aaa'

:exec 'runtime vimrc.d/vimrc.' . vimrc_customization
  • Sorry I edit the question again and use my own case here. I tried let vimrc_plugin_manager='pathogen' and ` :exec 'runtime vimrc.d/vimrc.'.vimrc_plugin_manager ` , the two blankspace removed , seems didn't work.
    – Robert Hu
    Commented Sep 29, 2020 at 4:22
  • wrap :runtime in an :exec , YES, it can work. :exec 'runtime vimrc.d/vimrc.pathogen'
    – Robert Hu
    Commented Sep 29, 2020 at 4:25
  • Yes, It woks now. Have to remove : before runtime and concatenate string variables with .
    – Robert Hu
    Commented Sep 29, 2020 at 4:39

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