I like the default rulerformat, but I would like to add to it. However it seems the default value is hidden. If I try these:

set rulerformat
set rulerformat?

I just get:


Same for statusline.


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The default format of the ruler option is directly set in the C core of Vim. If you do not like the default, you can customize it using the 'rulerformat' option and using the statusline format expressions.

By experimenting, it seems the default ruler format (when not customized) is:

:set rulerformat=%l,%c%V%=%P
                  │  │ │ │ └ position in the file in percent (or ALL/TOP/BOT)
                  │  │ │ └—— right align the following items
                  │  │ └———— virtual (or screen) column, matters for TAB and multibyte chars
                  │  └—————— cursor column (in bytes)
                  └————————— current line

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