I would like a command that saves every buffer that has a filename. :h :wall gives this:

                            *:wa* *:wall*
:wa[ll]     Write all changed buffers.  Buffers without a file
            name cause an error message.  Buffers which are
            readonly are not written.

:wa[ll]!    Write all changed buffers, even the ones that are
            readonly.  Buffers without a file name are not
            written and cause an error message.

So basically I want a command that would say "Write all changed buffers. Buffers without a filename are skipped/ignored." I don't care what happens to readonly buffers.

Is there an existing command that does this, or would I need to write a function to do this?


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Sounds like an ideal place to make use of the command :silent!.

:silent can be inserted before other commands and its effect is to prevent display of "normal" (i.e. non-error) messages. Error messages still get displayed and may cause execution to halt.

:silent!, with added !, goes a step further and also suppresses messages caused by errors and prevents those errors from aborting execution.

So you should be able to use the latter along with :wa! thusly...

:silent! wa!

...to get your desired result:

  1. Write changed buffers
  2. Ignore buffers without a filename (error suppressed)
  3. Write readonly buffers (which you don't have a preference for either way)

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