In my vimrc, for vim-latex-suite I have used (as described here)

  let g:Tex_FoldedMisc = 'preamble,!!!'

with the expectation that it will fold the text inside


I won't like to use the default <<<, as for my other setup, << is mapped to <>, and hence trying !!!.

But this is not working. Am I missing something?

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As mentioned in the documentation for Tex_FoldedMisc that you linked to:

Unlike the other Tex_FoldedXXXX variables, the words in this setting are limited to take values from the following list.

And while the list includes preamble and <<<, it doesn't include other triplets of symbols such as !!!.

The documentation seems quite explicit that <<< (with the corresponding >>>) is the only set actually supported by this option, using a different symbol will just not work.

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    oh...sure! its even more explicit with "Any other words in the Tex_FoldedMisc setting are silently ignored." Somehow I missed it, with the first line as default value is.
    – BaRud
    Sep 14, 2020 at 18:22

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