I keep seeing mention of {what} here and there, mainly in eval.txt, popup.txt, terminal.txt, syntax.txt, and channel.txt.

From :h popup_create()

popup_create({what}, {options})

Open a popup window showing {what}, which is either:
                - a buffer number
                - a string
                - a list of strings
                - a list of text lines with text properties
                When {what} is not a buffer number, a buffer is created with
                'buftype' set to "popup".  That buffer will be wiped out once
                the popup closes.

I'm unsure on the meaning of {what}, though I did think it was supposed to be replaced with whatever was mentioned about it in the documentation.

I tried running popup_create({what}, {options}), and it always shows

E121: Undefined variable: what

What does {what} actually do generally speaking? Is it just a placeholder or something useful in and of itself?

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From :h notation:

Curly braces denote parts of the command which must appear, but which can take a number of different values.

So, a placeholder.

  • Nice, guess I'll read notation.txt first next time :D Sep 13, 2020 at 20:21

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