I use langmap to be able to use QWERTY-like layout for normal mode, and Bépo to input text.

Key      |      Usage
 y   maps to    x
 ç   maps to    y

However, I can’t use vim-surround to add surroundings with this config :

  • ç does nothing
  • y deletes the character under cursor (as expected).

How can I configure vim-surround so that I can use ç instead of y to add surroundings ?

Thanks a lot !

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    Are you sure ç does nothing? The surround mappings are ds, cs, ys... so you may need ç followed by your langmapped s
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Sep 4, 2020 at 13:26

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langmap has a bug -- multiletter mappings do not work

You can use keymap instead (and internal keymap switcher).

Well, if you want to have your own mappings anyway, check vim-surround:


For your example it might be smth like:

nmap çs  <Plug>Ysurround

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