According to :help starting, we can specify a specific vimrc file using the following command

$ vim -u /path/to/vimrc 

How can I access the path of that vimrc/init.vim file in vim/neovim?

I have tried the following.

expand('%:p')     " returns different path based on opened file
stdpath('config') " returns default vimrc or init.vim path
$MYVIMRC          " it is not set when using -u switch

Try this:

:echo index(v:argv, '-u') != -1 ? get(v:argv, index(v:argv, '-u') + 1, '') : ''

Require the patch 8.1.2233. See :h v:argv.

At this moment, Neovim 0.4.4 does not have the patch and Neovim 0.5.0 has the patch.


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