I would expect [count]% to jump back and forth between matching braces count times or something like that, but instead, typing that command seems to move the cursor to a random place in the buffer. It seems to always go to the same place for constant count, but different places for different count. So what exactly does that command do?

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From :help N%:

Go to {count} percentage in the file, on the first non-blank in the line |linewise|. To compute the new line number this formula is used:
({count} * number-of-lines + 99) / 100
See also 'startofline' option.

I didn't know this either, by the way. But I typed :help %<C-d>, and N% looked like a good match ;-)

Also see: How do I navigate to topics in Vim's documentation?.


Plugin Match-Up: g:matchup_motion_override_Npercent

This plugin offers the possibility to use [count]% for both motions:

  • {count}% forwards {count} times. Requires {count} <= g:matchup_motion_override_Npercent.
  • For larger {count}, {count}% goes to the {count} percentage in the file.

The default value is 6.

This means 5% would cycle five b:match_words, e.g. in vimscript through elseif. But 50% would jump to the middle of the file.

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