I found many webpages [1][2][3] explaining how to color the gaps from GTK GVim, but how can I do the same for Athena GVim? In the left picture, gap should also be black, not gray. What about the scrollbar frame, which does not blend well with a dark background (right picture)?

Shows window gap (bad!) Bright scrollbar frame (bad!)

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  1. The scrollbar frame color is defined by the topShadowPixel and bottomShadowPixel X-resources.

  2. The internal border (gap) of the window inherits its color from the scrollbar trough color, scrollBackground.

Those values can be modified by editing the ~/.Xresources file (lines starting with ! are comments):

! Width of the scrollbar frame
Vim*scrollBar.shadowWidth:       1
! Background of the scrollbar's trough and color of Gvim's internal border
Vim.scrollBackground:            black
! Color of the scrollbar's slider
Vim.scrollForeground             blue
! Color of the scrollbar frame
Vim*scrollBar.topShadowPixel:    navyblue 
Vim*scrollBar.bottomShadowPixel: navyblue 
! Separation between scrollbar and Gvim's text
Vim.borderWidth:                 2

Issue xrdb ~/.Xresources and open a new Gvim, which will look much better:

Dark scrollbar frame (good!)

Note that the scrollbar trough color (and thus the window internal border) can be overriden by the Scrollbar highlight group:

:hi Scrollbar guibg=black

I collected that information from :h gui-resources and by digging the window resources with Editres.

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