I wonder if there is a way to jump to Python method definition in VIM using static code analysis (as described in https://gist.github.com/igemnace/dfa545d0d71228e010876d48a420a50b).

For example, if I have two files base.py:

class MyBase:
    def foo(self):

and bar.py:

class MyClass(MyBase):
    def bar(self):
        self.foo()   # How to jump to base.py:MyBase:foo having cursor here

How to jump to base.py:MyBase:foo definition from bar.py:MyClass:bar without having to choose correct place from ctags list?


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If you are willing to join the LSP fandom you could install a client like LanguageClient (the repo name is misleading, it works with Vim 8 too) and use Microsoft's Pyright calling it as pyright-langserver --stdio. I have been using it recently and works like a charm. The best part is you get more than just jump to definition

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