If i type, for example, y/foo<CR> in Normal mode, i "yank" all the text until the next occurrence of "foo" without side effects. However, if i type y?foo<CR> in Normal mode, i "yank" the text alright, but unfortunately the cursor jumps to the occurrence of "foo".

Is this the expected behavior? Is there an easy workaround?

  • I overlooked the fact that all backward motions move cursor when used in Operator-pending mode. Thus the initial title of the question ("Using “search backwards” (?) in Operator-pending mode") is not particularly appropriate. I hesitate to remove the question, but i will change the title. – Alexey Mar 22 '15 at 22:27

The yank command always places the cursor at the start of the yanked text. If you use operator-pending backwards search, you basically have a reverse selection, with the jump target before the start.

As the '] mark has the end of the executed yank, you can return to that original cursor position via g`].

  • I keep learning how counter-intuitive Vim is! I didn't notice that yb also moves cursor. – Alexey Mar 22 '15 at 21:29

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