I have YouCompleteMe installed; however that only complete certain words or phrases. I am looking for something similar in VSCode or Emacs' Yasnippet. For example, if I type if, then press Tab, then a snippet of the if statement would get inserted like this:


where $1 and $2 are my cursor placeholders. I navigate between them with Tab. Is there anything like this for vim?

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    Try ultisnips. It does what you want and much more. Also it had good integration with YouCompleteMe. github.com/SirVer/ultisnips
    – Dmitry
    Aug 16, 2020 at 12:35

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All snippets plugins provide this feature. COC.nvim provides contextualized completion + snippets (given you've installed and configured a LSP server and a subplugin for snippets). My lh-cpp plugin provides idiomatic C++ snippets and wizards (through mu-template)...

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