I am trying to use regular expressions to find common-markdown elements (I am new to vim & regular expressions).

For example to find a strike-through ~~something~~ I am searching for the following: /\v\~{2}[^\~]+\~{2}

That works great, except it also considers ~~~something~~~ as a strike-through.

After doing some research, I thought I could use < and > to match the whole world. However this doesn't match anything at all /\v<\~{2}[^\~]+\~{2}>


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A fairly robust pattern which works (though is hard to type, I would store it in a variable or something if you need to operate on it often) is


We use ([^\~]|^) and ([^\~]|$) to make sure the characters on either side of the text are not ~, and we use \zs and \ze to anchor the match to not include those characters.

Reference: :help pattern, specifically :help /\zs and :help /\ze (though I never type the / in the help commands when I'm looking for these).

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