Vim is famously (or infamously) a child of line-based editing. For many cases this is acceptable. But I wish to use it primarily as an academic tool with large amounts of text. I want the experience to feel oriented around visual lines as opposed to logical lines. Let me flush out some of what that means:

  • jk are both mapped to gj and gk respectively.
  • gj and gk are mapped to j and k respectively.
  • commands such a 4j and 4k work on visual lines.
  • commands such as 4d work on visual lines.
  • relative line numbering and absolute line numbering both work with visual lines and not logical lines.

The first is implemented with remapping:

nnoremap <expr> j v:count ? 'j' : 'gj'
nnoremap <expr> k v:count ? 'k' : 'gk'

I'm sure with extensive creativity and work many of the other asks and more can be achieved. Has anyone done this before? It seems like a lot of work and something that could be implemented as a plugin. If not does anyone have part of a vimrc file that implements this functionality that they are willing to share? Or perhaps there is a mode in vanilla vim that has this behavior and I am just overlooking it?

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