I want to use netrw to edit remote files on my vps. Unfortunately, when I enter

vim scp://cydiater_server:~/demo/sol.cpp  

and try to save something with :w Vim prompts me with

:!rcp  '/var/folders/74/flchcrkd4yx4d553byw606sr0000gn/T/vNVVwLF/0' 'scp://cydiater_server:~/demo/sol.cpp'
zsh:1: command not found: rcp

which seems that I don't have rcp in my host. But what I'm using is scp, why vim needs to use rcp?


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Just one thing caught my eye looking at this: the SCP path used when launching vim doesn't match paths shown in the netrw docs. For instance under :h netrw-url...


And as :h netrw-path explains a little later

Paths to files are generally user-directory relative for most protocols. Examples:

vim scp://user@host/somefile

vim scp://user@host/subdir1/subdir2/somefile

Given the possibility that your use of a non-standard path format may be throwing off netrw when you try to save, I suggest opening the file with:

vim scp://cydiater_server/demo/sol.cpp


vim scp://yourusername@cydiater_server/demo/sol.cpp

(I believe which one you choose depends on how authentication is set up.)

FYI, to use an absolute path, rooted at /, you use a double slash after the hostname like so

vim scp://user@host//foo/bar

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