I am using Programmer Dvorak layout. So typing numbers for navigation is not easy. Can I instead navigate with alphabetical characters showing up in place of relative numbers? Any other ideas?


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You might like the vim-easyoperator-line plug-in, which allow you to create a mapping that will highlight each line with an alphabetic or punctuation character and have you press it to move to that line. Sounds like what you described...

This plug-in was spawned from vim-easymotion which does something similar, but primarily for motions of the kind f{char} or searches using /, but you might find you actually like the full set of motions provided by vim-easymotion and decide to go with that one.

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    By the way, EasyMotion does it from the box. See <Leader>j in docs. Default mapping will be double leader + j. Same for k.
    – Dmitry
    Aug 11, 2020 at 7:23

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