My text often contains two languages: english and russian. The problem appears with EasyMotion plugin. Assume I have such text:

Русский текст и еще текст.

and want to find те.


What I do:

  1. Starting in normal mode with english layout I do easymotion-overwin-f2.
  2. Switch to russian.
  3. Type те. All occurrences are highlighted with english marks.
  4. Switch back again to english and select the mark to jump.

In short it looks like: s<Switch>те<Switch>a. Where s is mapping for EasyMotion action, <Switch> is keyboard layout switching, a is mark to jump (red A).

The problem here are these annoying switchings. The search with standard / can be done much easier because of this solution. It saves keyboard layout for search and input modes, while normal mode will always be english (it is really important, nothing works correctly in non-english layout for normal mode). Of course, I can try to let g:EasyMotion_keys to some russian chars, but I still must switch back after jump.

So my question - what can be done to remove these language switches?


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