When I want to find out what might be causing lag within vim, I use the following commands

:profile start ~/profile.log | :profile func * | :profile file *
<do actions that cause lag>
:profile pause :noautocmd qall!

Is there any way I could turn these into a keybinding so I wouldn't have to type it out every time?

I've tried the following, but apparently I'm not setting it up correctly:

nnoremap <silent> <leader>O :call ProfileStart()<CR>
nnoremap <silent> <leader>o :call ProfileEnd()<CR>

function! ProfileStart()
  :profile start ~/profile.log | :profile func * | :profile file *

function! ProfileEnd()
  :profile pause :noautocmd qall!

Two separate issues!

Firstly, adding | to a keybinding (officially called a map, if you don't mind me nitpicking) is tricky. It is a special character so it must be escaped. Here are two examples of how to do this:

nnoremap x :echo "hi" \| echo "hi2" <CR>
nnoremap x :echo "hi" <Bar> echo "hi2" <CR>

Secondly, when you are writing a vimscript function, vim is in a different mode. You do not have to have : to enter command mode. You're already in command mode! And you don't need to use | to have multiple commands on the same line.

function! ProfileStart()
  profile start ~/profile.log
  profile func *
  profile file *

You're running into 2 separate problems with only 1 goal, that is confusing. Tough to debug... But you got this, good luck!

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  • Excellent, thank you @Ari_Sweedler! fist bump with explosion – Spectator6 Aug 8 at 2:16

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