I recently loaded the plugin UltiSnips using Vim-Plug but quickly found that even attempting to type a single character in insert mode yields a large number of error messages-- all seemingly stemming from the inability of Vim to load python38.dll. This is strange because I don't believe that I have this version of Python installed. I am using an Anaconda distribution on Windows 10 that contains python37.dll.

I confirmed this by first typing where python38.dll into the command prompt and got the expected info: could not find files for the given patterns. By contrast, where python37.dll yielded the location in my home directory as C:\users\[myusername]\Anaconda3\Python37.dll.

Assuming this is, in fact, the source of the error then how can I make Vim load python37.dll instead?

E70: Could not load library python38.dll Error readout

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    This talks about dynamic python loading and how to specify where your python library is Why is Vim's Python version compiled in? ( you need a vim version that's not hardwired with a specific python version) – B Layer Aug 7 '20 at 9:54