For opening the index page of my Vimwiki instance, I have the following alias in my ~/.bashrc:

alias vimwiki='vim -c VimwikiIndex'

But how to open a specific Vimwiki page right from a command prompt?

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Add a function like this to you ~/.bashrc:

function vimwikipage() {
  vim -c "VimwikiIndex" -c "VimwikiGoto $1"

Now, you can open/create a specific Vimwiki page like this:

$ vimwikipage ExampleVimwikiPage


This command would be essentially equivalent to the following sequence of actions:

$ vim
:VimwikiGoto ExampleVimwikiPage

(I assume that VimwikiIndex is mapped to \ww, which is a default Vimwiki mapping.)

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