New to vim. I'm on MacOS and every time I do vim something.txt, it gives me

Error detected while processing /Users/mycomputer/.vimrc:
line  128:
E471: Argument required
Press ENTER or type command to continue

Everything works fine after I press ENTER. What could be the issue?

This is around line 128 in .vimrc if this helps:

    if count(s:opam_available_tools,"ocp-indent") == 0
  source "/Users/anyaji/.opam/4.09.0/share/ocp-indent/vim/indent/ocaml.vim"

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:source should be without quotes:

:source "/Users/anyaji/.opam/4.09.0/share/ocp-indent/vim/indent/ocaml.vim"
E471: Argument required

:source /Users/anyaji/.opam/4.09.0/share/ocp-indent/vim/indent/ocaml.vim
E484: Can't open file /Users/anyaji/.opam/4.09.0/share/ocp-indent/vim/indent/ocaml.vim

This file doesn't exist on my system, but as you can see the "argument required" error message went away and got replaced by a more suitable one :-) VimScripts are just sequences of commands you can type in the : commandline, so this is usually an easy way to debug stuff.

Why do you get the "Argument required" error? VimScript has the somewhat unusual choice of " as the comment character, so the file path is seen as a comment, and the command Vim sees is just :source without argument.

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