Concrete example:

When using React with Styled Components, I want to load the CSS snippets file. I could achieve this with:

autocmd FileType javascript,typescript :UltiSnipsAddFiletypes css

However, I'd like to execute the command above only if styled-components is included in the current buffer.

Is this possible?


Put the check in a function so it’s not a mess:

function react#add_snips() abort
  if search('styled-components', 'nw') != 0
    UltiSnipsAddFiletypes css

(This can go in ~/.vim/autoload/react.vim)

And then call the function:

augroup react
  autocmd Filetype javascript,typescript call react#add_snips
augroup END

Alternatively, place the call portion in both ~/.vim/after/ftplugin/javascript.vim and ~/.vim/after/ftplugin/typescript.vim.

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