Trying to figure out how to use netrw (:E) correctly with :Rex and CTRL+O.

To reproduce, create 2 files in a /tmp/newdir directory.

mkdir /tmp/newdir
cd /tmp/newdir
echo "blabla 1" > file1.txt
echo "blabla 2" > file2.txt
vim file1.txt

Open file2.txt from netrw

Now in vim, open the netrw explorer with :E and press enter on file2.txt. Then choose to go back with CTRL+O, vim displays an empty buffer. Then if I press CTRL+O again, vim displays the buffer containing file1.txt. Here is the list of buffers displayed by :ls:

  1 %a   "file1.txt"                    line 1
  2 #    "NetrwTreeListing 1"           line 1
  4      "/tmp/newdir/file2.txt"        line 1

Close netrw with :Rex

A similar issue also happens when I close netrw with :Rex.

To reproduce:

vim file1.txt

In vim

:e file2.txt

Then press CTRL+O, vim displays an empty buffer, you need to press CTRL+O a second time to go to file1.txt. This is what is displayed by :ls

  1      "file1.txt"                    line 1
  2 #    "file2.txt"                    line 1
  5 %a   "NetrwTreeListing 2"           line 1


  • How can I have CTRL+O jump directly from the buffer with file2.txt to the buffer with file1.txt?
  • How do I prevent this empty NetrwTreeListing from appearing in the buffer list?

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