I have the following autocommand in my vimrc for vimwiki:

autocmd BufWritePost *.md silent! VimwikiAll2HTML

The VimwikiAll2HTML triggers a custom script with :! scriptname to process all the files in the wiki.

It works, but there is the annoyance of the "Press ENTER or type command to continue" message that I want to suppress.

I tried this:

autocmd BufWritePost *.md set shortmess=a | set cmdheight=2 | silent! VimwikiAll2HTML | set shortmess=filnxtToOF | set cmdheight = 1

But the last two commands to reset the shortmess and cmdheight properties but they just get ignored. What's the proper way to suppress the "Press Enter" command? I also tried throwing a <cr> in there but no luck.


OK, this answer worked for me:


For my particular problem, final solution is:

autocmd BufWritePost *.md execute ':silent !VimwikiAll2HTML' | execute ':redraw!'

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    Your ! is shifted from : silent to running the command as a shell... You also don't need the :s and the second command doesn't need execute (the first one needs it to allow | as a command separator.) This should work: autocmd BufWritePost *.md execute 'silent! VimwikiAll2HTML' | redraw! – filbranden Aug 11 at 16:40

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