I'm using Tagbar (with C++) and I would like to understand if and how it is possible to navigate the code as follow:

  • Find all references of a variable or methods (where the variable or method is used/called... Something like Ctrl+Shift+G in Eclipse). It would be great if they would list in the Quickfix list.
  • Leave fixed the Tagbar window while I moving around in my files. So I would like to have a toggle to stop Tagbar following me.
  • Regenerate the tags from the root folder (the current folder when I opened Vim)

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  • A variety of methods are at your disposal
    • There are some very useful commands listed here, most notably [I, which will display all lines in the current and all included files containing the keyword under the cursor. See :h [I and :h include-search.
    • You can :grep or :vimgrep to search for occurrences of a particular symbol (or any pattern for that matter), and the results will be loaded into the Quickfix (or location) list which you can browse using :copen (or :lopen). See :h :grep. There is also Ag.vim.
    • You could make use of cscope, as suggested in the first part of this answer to a similar question
  • Try :TagbarTogglePause.
  • Use one of the handful of tag generation plugins floating around, or create a mapping that runs ctags. As far as Tagbar being able to do this for you, I'm uncertain. Browse :h tagbar and find out for yourself.
  • Thanks, it's what I was looking for. Just another thing, is it possible to navigate the list of occurrence (found by [I) within the Quickfix List?
    – Kill KRT
    Mar 29, 2015 at 8:44
  • Not without doing something particularly roundabout, as far as I'm aware. Might be worth asking another question.
    – ZeroKnight
    Apr 1, 2015 at 2:35

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