Is there an option I can switch on the init.vim config file to let me keep command history between vim sessions?

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If I get you right, it should be persisted by default.

Use :<C-f> or q: to open command line with command history

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Vim command history is kept in viminfo file (:h viminfo). Neovim uses different thing (:h shada).

  • You are correct, my mistake was to alternate between Vim and Neovim.
    – warsong
    Commented Jul 4, 2020 at 17:21

You can override the default location of shada-file (history) to fix the location of this file by:

set shada+='1000,n/opt/my.shada

You can choose any location for the shada-file. Don't forget to give the user permission to this file:

sudo chown username:username /opt/my.shada

If you want more history, change 1000.

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