I have a script that checks for a certain condition (it checks if pip dependencies are installed). If they are installed and everything is ok, I want to import a bunch of python functions from my plugin so they are available to the user. However, if it's not available, I just want to print a message and skip the rest of the script.

Now, I was thinking of wrapping the whole operation in a function with abort like this:

function! checkPipDeps() abort
    if dependencyMissing
        throw "Your dependency is missing"

    python3 import dependency


but this does look clunky. I was wondering if there is a better solution where I can just return a dud value or something, that would allow me to skip the rest of the script but not mess up the initial loading process.

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Use :finish:

if hasNoDependency()

" all dependencies are met, good to go
" ...

I use it for minpac plugin manager (not only here of course):

if !exists('*minpac#init') | finish | endif

call minpac#init()
call minpac#add('k-takata/minpac', {'type': 'opt'})

"" My plugins
call minpac#add('[email protected]:habamax/vim-asciidoctor.git', {'rev': 'master'})
call minpac#add('[email protected]:habamax/vim-evalvim.git', {'rev': 'master'})

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