I am copying multiple lines from different parts.

I can for example do 3yy to copy the 3 next lines.

Then I would like to scroll a bit and add 5 more lines: 5yy

and so on. At the end, I want to paste all lines (in this case 8)

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You can append to the named registers "a through "z, in which case you use the lowercase versions of the registers to overwrite/replace their contents and the uppercase version to append to their contents.

So you can use "a3yy (or 3"ayy) for the initial yank of 3 lines, then "A5yy (or 5"Ayy) to append the 5 next lines to that same register, which you can then put using "ap (or "Ap also works.)

See :help "a for details.

A neat trick to use when appending to named registers is that you can use the q command (which records macros) to empty the registers. For example, qaq will clear register "a. (It starts recording a macro into register "a, and then the second q ends the recording right away.) By clearing the register first, you can then use the uppercase register for appending on the first yank, which can be useful if you're using a repeated command such as a macro or a :g command to yank multiple lines.

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