I am aware of {and } to navigate between blocks of texts , however these jump to blank lines in between blocks of text.

When there are several blank lines in between 2 blocks of text these do not work symmetrically either.

How can I jump to the first character of the first line of the next/previous block of text , for example the 'B's in the following example:

enter image description here

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You can use a search and include \ns to match end of lines. Two of them in a row would match a blank line. You can then use \s*\S to find the first non-blank character of a line (and ensure you're matching a line with a non-blank character) and use \zs to control the start of the match (match that first non-blank character only and none of the spaces.)


You might want to include a special case to match the first non-blank character of the buffer, which you can do with:


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