To run an autocommand on a python file I can do:

:autocmd FileType python     nnoremap ...

However, what 'event' does this run on? Is the event FileType or is Filetype python basically doing a replacement for *.py ? I would assume it's the former but I just wanted to understand the difference (if any) between doing the following two commands:

:autocmd FileType python     nnoremap ...
:autocmd FileType *.py       nnoremap ...

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The autocmd FileType python is run whenever the file type is set to python.

This happens for following files by default: *.py, *.pyw , .pythonstartup ,.pythonrc, *.ptl , *.pyi and SConstruct.

But it is also run when you change the filetype manually by executing :setf python or :set ft=python.

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