LaTeX, being a markup language, is very hard to grammar-check. I found one program, that do this exactly Textidote. Problem is, this is a standalone program and, for example, this latex code:

How is you?
I is fine.
I am fine.

shows error:

 java -jar ~/bin/textidote.jar --check en_UK --output singleline i.tex 
TeXtidote v0.8.1 - A linter for LaTeX documents and others
(C) 2018-2019 Sylvain Hallé - All rights reserved

Found 2 warning(s)
Total analysis time: 3 second(s)

i.tex(L7C5-L7C7): The pronoun is must be used with are>.. Suggestions: [are] (4) "How is you?"
i.tex(L8C3-L8C5): Did you mean am>?. Suggestions: [am] (14) "I is fine."

My question is, is there some way that I convert this output to a quickfix list (with press n to go to next error)?


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The standard way to do this is to set 'makeprg' and 'errorformat' to appropriate values, and then do :make. Output is loaded into the quickfix list, which you navigate with the usual commands.

Further, putting these settings in a compiler plugin allows faster use: if you create ~/.vim/compiler/textidote.vim with the right contents, you can do

compiler textidote

A solid-looking compiler script has been posted in the comments.

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