I have the following in my vimrc file:

:set formatoptions-=cro

However, when I load the vimrc from scratch (i.e., open a new terminal session and start vim with it), it seems to be overwritten somewhere:

enter image description here

If I again set it with that same command it 'corrects' it to the right value, but I'm wondering why this is occurring in the first place (do plugins tend to overwrite this?) or if I should put this option somewhere other than in my vimrc file so it doesn't get overwritten.


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Reading :h 'formatoptions' reveals that it's "local to buffer". This means that every buffer has a value of formatoptions of its own. Setting it in "vimrc" can only provide a default value.

But the problem is that the defaults may be overwritten by standard ftplugin (:h ftplugin, :h :filetype etc.) which provides "better" values based on filetype. To see if it's the case you do:

:verbose set formatoptions?
        Last time set in /path/to/ftplugin/vim.vim line 42

if I should put this option somewhere other than in my vimrc file so it doesn't get overwritten

In fact, you should put it the way your options overwrite system values.


setlocal formatoptions=xyz

Use :verbose like:

:verbose set formatoptions?

See :h :verbose, :h :verbose-cmd and :h 'verbose'.

When I execute this while editing a C file I get:

        Last set from ~/.vim/after/ftplugin/c/c.vim line 41

Another way to set the formatoptions is with an autocommad, which overrules ftplugin.

augroup NoAutoComment
  au FileType * setlocal formatoptions-=cro
augroup end

You can spefify filetypes by replacing the * (e.g: c,sh)

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