Is it possible to enable hlsearch when running a search (/) but not on : commands? For example, sometimes when doing a replace (on a very narrow range of text) it get distracting when I have a bunch of other lines highlighted, for example:

enter image description here

Here is a ten-second video of what I've done for this: https://gyazo.com/590a1927dcc2eb75d950053601dab9a7. If the answer is 'no', is there a better alternative than pressing :noh (or whatever mapping to it) after every search that I'm 'done with' ?


You can use the following autocommands to enable hlsearch only when using the / and ? (search) commands:

" Enable highlighting all the matches in incsearch mode
" But don't enable hlsearch always
augroup vimrc-incsearch-highlight
  autocmd CmdlineEnter [/\?] :set hlsearch
  autocmd CmdlineLeave [/\?] :set nohlsearch
augroup END

I don't think there is a way out of the box. hlsearch works with the search register (:h "/), which is used for search, substitute and the :global command.

I personally have hlsearch off by default and only enable it when I need it.

I have the following mapping:

noremap  <F8>   :set invhlsearch hlsearch?<CR>

The invhlsearch toggles hlsearch and the hlsearch? then prints the state.

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